Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oregon Trail: The Modern American Dream

Daniel Boone vs. Nanny State:
America has lost its way

Daniel Boone was born 273 years ago and died in 1820 at the age of 85. If he somehow returned now, the American icon wouldn't recognize the land he pioneered.

This death-defying adventurer axed his way through the Appalachian Mountains to settle Kentucky and open the Western frontier. Stamped across his rock-hard life is the trademark of America: the pioneer spirit to cross new frontiers and control one's destiny.

Back then, people ran their own lives. Today, our vastly expanded Nanny State looks after us. Is this a good thing? Imagine you're a pioneer of yesteryear. How would you fare with today's nanny on your back?

As you prepare your covered wagon for journeying West, inspectors report that your wheels fail to meet safety standards, the canvas on your wagon is not fire retardant, and the yoke on your oxen could be harmful — not to you, but to the beasts. Although you've traveled safely in the wagon before, you're slapped with fines and forced to correct the problems. You leave for your journey with a lighter wallet — and a heavier spirit.

When you reach your new town, you find that land isn't cheap anymore. The government took huge tracts off the market to preserve the wilderness. One of the townspeople sells you a plot — at 10 times what he paid for it. You learn that he was one of the councilmen who passed the law preserving the wilderness. He smiles to welcome you to town, but you have difficulty smiling back.

You plant a crop, only to learn it is forbidden. The government decided there was enough of it and any more would lower the price. You find that your neighbors on the town council who. . .

(cont'd from front page) passed this law are the folks who grow that crop. You also discover that some farmers produce no crops — and get paid for their empty fields with your tax dollars.

You suppress your frustrations and search for a way to succeed. You enjoy making furniture, so you decide to open a shop. But wait. You must file permits with a dozen agencies. This means hiring lawyers and accountants, which you cannot afford, so you must give up your dream of starting your business.

You get another jolt: the tax bill. You discover that your nanny demands a big piece of you to fund the agencies running your life.

You're just starting out, but you feel drained. The promise of a new life has vanished.

In time, you learn to play the game. You join the town council to build government instead of furniture. You work in a blacksmith's shop where you do a lousy job, but you get a law passed that forces your boss to pay you more than you're worth.

Your wife cuts the townswomen's hair. She worries about losing customers to a new haircutter. But you get the council to enact a law requiring any new haircutters to complete 500 hours of instruction and pay a hefty fee for a license. This protects the public from unsafe haircuts.

Despite your maneuverings, you feel no joy. Your life is no longer in your control, but depends on the arbitrary whims of the council. You've lost the confidence and drive you had when you started out. You've become fearful and conniving. The town has destroyed you.

What happened in this hypothetical town is also happening in our country.
Once we lived by our own efforts; now we demand government "entitlements." Once we respected the rights of others; now we pass laws to tax and control everyone. Once we reined in government to unleash individual freedom; now we rein in the individual to unleash state power. Once we were pioneers sprinting toward the American Dream; now we're distressed travelers caught in a maze called the Nanny State.

The Nanny State is the antithesis of America. It violates a person's right to act freely and instead compels him to follow the state's dictates. It corrupts the citizens by giving some groups unearned benefits at the expense of others. It corrupts officials by giving them unchecked power to dispense favors, to make or break lives, to control entire industries, to confiscate property, to redistribute wealth. It anesthetizes the people to its unbridled power by telling them they will be taken care of, as if trading freedom for dependency were desirable. It uses the chilling weapon of the police state — force — to impose its edicts.

Today's nanny concocts a bitter brew of hundreds of alphabet-soup agencies to regulate our lives. How many modern pioneers are choking at this campfire?

To grab the reins of our lives, to ride free and unafraid like Daniel Boone, we must get the nanny off our backs.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

To support or not to support... or both?

Now, I hear this a lot these days, and pardon me for saying so, but it doesn't really make sense to me. "Support the troops, not the war." To tell the truth, the idea behind it doesn't even hold up to common sense: "I support you, but not what you're doing." Isn't the nature of support backing someone in their endeavors? "Support - verb - to uphold (a person, cause, policy, etc.) by aid, countenance, one's vote, etc.; back; second." ( That's the instance we mean here, right? So then, how exactly can we support the troops but not the war?

It's the same idea as a popular modern take on abortion: "I believe a fetus is a human, but I also believe the mother should have the right to choose." Well, which is it? Either you believe that the fetus is a human, and so should be protected against murder by the law, or it should not be protected against murder by the law, and by implication is not human. I'm sorry folks, but this deal doesn't come with a two for the price of one option.

America these days has compartmentalized ideas into such tiny pieces that we don't even see the connections between them anymore. People no longer understand the consequences behind their ideas or actions, and so end up making statements or pursuing ideals which ultimately have no bearing on reality itself! We've locked ourselves perfectly into a mindset of "political correctness" which ultimately rebels against the very laws of logic itself (most notably non-contradiction in cases such as this one).

It's simply common sense that one cannot have a thing more than one way at once. If you're served an egg at a restaurant, the egg cannot be both sunny-side-up and scrambled at the same time. Even if you were to divide the egg in half and scramble half and serve half sunny-side-up, the egg is still not simultaneously both at any given point. Water cannot be both liquid and ice at the same time, it's either frozen or it's liquid, you can have a glass of water with ice IN it, but the water is not simultaneously ice AND water, this concept is barely even conceivable because it is simply logically impossible.

So, take heed America, think about what it is that you're saying. Whether we want to admit it or not, the different ideas in our lives DO connect to each other, and everything we think, everything we say, and every ideal we follow will have an impact on not only us, but the people around us. Patent nonsense has never benefited anyone, and that's not about to change simply because we don't want to consider the implications of the things we say any longer.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remember, remember...

I watched an interesting movie last night... I bet none of you will ever guess what it was.

It made me think, though. In the movie, the face of evil was a totalitarian government that imposed the strict will of one man on the entire populace of England. Tyranny = the imposition of the will of a few over many, in this case, of one man.

What have we done in America, though? Our current political system has pulled nearly the same stunt, however in a different vein. Through the favoring of minority groups, it has imposed the will of the few, the minority, over the majority. Isn't that exactly what tyranny is? It is the nature of a democratic form of government, be it pure democracy or republic, to ensure that the will of the majority of the people is carried out through government. However, what we have encountered in America is a government so obsessed with the minorities that the majority has become a thing to be loathed. Every time you turn around your hear "African-American rights," "Homosexual rights," "the right to choose/pro-choice." As well as in our school systems, although the majority of the nation registers Christian, the Christian religion has been blotted out of schools in favor of atheism.

The question that is raised to my mind is how accurate the picture of America posed by the movie is. America is shown as a nation divided by civil war... seemingly outlandish, but is it really? When we forfeit all power to small minority groups, what is left when they have it all? If their goal is power, then will they be content to share it with each other? Most certainly not! As tensions continue to rise, can things remain entirely political, battles waged entirely with words? Man cannot repress his hatred forever, and when tensions are intentionally exploited consistently and publicly, fighting is inevitable... the only question is when.

Why do we stand for this tyranny? Why should the will of a few be imposed upon the many? We built this nation, and it is our right therefore to uphold it in the manner for which it was constructed and outlined in our Constitution. It is our duty as citizens to preserve our Constitutional cornerstone in government... why do you think we were given our second amendment right to bear arms? Not in the interest of protecting ourselves against foreign invasion... that was previously outlined in the Constitution as being a Federal prerogative. No, our right to bear arms was in the interest of our protection against our government... a failsafe should the tyranny of Britain repeat itself.

I am not advocating that we rise in armed rebellion, but I am calling to the attention of the people that we are not living in a truly American nation any longer. We have lost our national identity as our media and government bend us to the will of every shouting minority... while the majority sits silent. It is our own fault for not raising our voices, and in our silence the minorities can be heard. It is the nature of a democratic system to give ear to whoever is audible, and it is simple logic that if the multitude takes voice, the minuscule extraneous elements shall not be heard above the roar of the masses. They should have the same voice as we, no more (as our government has the penchant to give them) and no less (as they were given by the government in V).

It is neither noble nor called for to have our rights infringed by a system set on the tyranny of minority-advancement. Which is the greater injustice, to by the polls of the masses exclude those who are disjoint from the national mind; or to, by the laws of the government, enforce the will of the few who disagree over the teeming masses which populate our shores? Which is what is defined as tyranny?

Let us not fall to so clever a trick as this, to subtly disguise this new form of oppression as anything other than it really is. This call is to awake those teeming masses to the plight which we all face, the suppression of a government which does not hear our voices because we are the majority, and thus ignores its Constitutional duty for which it was established. We maintain that all men were created equal, and thus the majority has its right to be heard! We are not calling the minorities any lesser of people, but because we are all equal the decision which suits the greatest number should be the one made! It is simple prudence to do so, and to ignore such an idea is to blatantly favor those who are in minorities simply because they are a minority, which invokes a prejudicial bias against the majority. Basically what we've done is take the concept behind racial segregation (or some other circumstance) and have reversed it. The reverse is not the solution, rather it is another form of tyranny.

The only way to prevent oppression is to stand together, to enforce our democratic ideals, and to truly hear the voice of the masses. The entire reason behind our Republic government was to ensure that the majority's voice was never silenced, to keep the petty bitterness inherent to humanity from destroying us. It is our charge as citizens, as humans, to remember... to remember why we were founded... to remember our patriotism... to remember who we are as Americans, equal no matter what race we represent, with no restricted rights and no enhanced privileges based on color of skin, be it white or black, giving every man his due based on his own merits, not on anything over which he has no control... and never let that die.

Remember, remember: our Righteous Defenders
And tyranny's bane, which they sought
There can be no reason our forefathers' treason
Should ever to us be forgot

Friday, November 9, 2007

Viva la comedy!

Here's a bit of something to keep you all entertained:

I think, therefore I blog.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here I am.

I decided it was about time for me to step up to a new world of blogging. Previously my only source of blog-ness came in the form of Xanga, but NO MORE! Today I graduate from the no-man's-land of obscure blogging (hopefully). Perhaps I'll actually get a few readers around these parts... if not then my endeavor has failed, and I'll simply have one more domain to busy about. Anyway, I'll probably post up a couple of my old blogs as filler, then continue on from there as time progresses. If you see something you like (or don't like) please comment, there's nothing that makes me happier than feedback to me blogs. I hope you enjoy (and if you don't, then there may be no hope for you).